How to Activate & Setup your TL APP account:


1. Receive an Activation Code

  • Typically, your Manager and/or Supervisor will send you an evite to join their team(s)
  • The invitation will contain the Activation Code

2. Follow the instructions in the evite

  • You will need to download the Mobile App first (below) to enter the provided Activation Code
  • This is your unique Activation Code


3. Download the TL App Mobile App 

  • Open the Google Play or Apple App Store on your device and enter “TL App” in the app search field
  • Download and install the TL App
  • Look for the TL App logo (below) on your mobile device and open the app


4. Set up a new user

  • Enter the requested information to complete your user profile
  • You must enter the e-mail provided to your Manager

5. Enter your Activation Code to join your fleet

  • Settings -> My Fleets -> Enter Activation Code