How To Access Driver Improvement Tools – Mobile App, Web Portal & E-mail:

Mobile App: Through our mobile app home screen, you have the ability to review your current score (out of 100), how you compare with the overall team average and among your peers (1). By selecting the Coach button, you can review weekly performance metrics to understand key areas that are improving or need improvement (2). You can also review weekly performance at a more granular level through the informational icon (3 & 4). We also send drivers an interactive driving feedback report directly through our messaging module (5):

Web Portal: Drivers and Managers can also access the interactive driving feedback report through our Web Portal. Drivers can only view their score (1), while Managers see the full teams scores (2). The web portal also reflects scores compared to the overall team average and how they rank among their peers.


E-Mail: In addition to accessing the interactive driving feedback report in our mobile app, we also e-mail it directly to your drivers.

Interactive Acknowledgment: The Acknowledgement functionality provides Management current and historical insight to whether drivers are reviewing the interactive driving feedback report This empowers Management to hold  drivers accountable in reviewing the report, to increase engagement and safety. When accessing our report via mobile app, web portal or e-mail, (1) drivers will see the interactive ‘Acknowledge Here’ prompt (2). Once the driver reviews and acknowledges feedback, the date is captured (3 & 4). Management is also provided a feedback report showing acknowledgement ratios (5).